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Jumaat, 15 Julai 2011

Do they care about DAESUNG (Big Bang)

12 Jul – In an interview with the media last 10 July, it was revealed that the family of the deceased motorcyclist involved in Daesung's car accident and Big Bang's agency YG Entertainment, has yet to reach a compromise, according to a report by allkpop website.
One of the victim's family member was reported as saying, "It's as if our child is being killed twice. I can only cry."

"At first, they said that they would do everything they could. They asked us to trust them, as they would cover for all the funeral costs and hand us funds for compensation. Because they are 'YG Entertainment', we believed them. Now that we are actually taking the formal steps to be reimbursed, everything has changed. I feel as if we are being ignored."

The two parties are currently clashing on three points, the biggest being on how much the total for the settlement money should be. The family suggested an amount that's standard for deaths related to car accidents, while YG Entertainment prepared an amount that's "enough for consolation".

The family member also added, "What is settlement money? It's money that's being traded for our child's death. What could we possibly ask for with that money? The amount that YG is offering to us makes our child's death so regrettable. It just isn't enough."

With tears, the family members expressed, "Money is not important. If our child comes back alive, then none of that matters. What we want is an honest heart. All YG Entertainment did was contact us in a one-sided manner with how much they were willing to settle for, and that made us feel humiliated."

The family also revealed a shocking statement made by YG Entertainment that made them question whether or not the company even cares for Daesung.

They said, "YG told us that they had nothing to lose. Even without Daesung, Big Bang is promoting just fine, and they said that they had time because it would take a while for Daesung to return anyway. They said they weren't in a rush. If they're like this to Daesung, what must they feel for our child? I could not find an ounce of respect from them."

When asked for a statement, YG Entertainment representatives responded, "We are doing our best. There aren't any particular differences in opinions. We are mediating and balancing each other's sides."

Sources by YAHOO NEWS - by shayida kamaruddin~


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