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Khamis, 3 Oktober 2013


 Hi!!!! everybody do you guys watch Verity SHOW YG WIN - WHO IS NEXT??

I really love this show. They have team A & Team B who compete for survive in Korean music Industry. Only one winner. The winner will get to DEBUT and become artist under YG ENTERTAINMENT~ Although i hope both of them should be debut because they deserved it. Both of them are so talented but after all this is a competition~

PLEASE WHO ARE WATCHING THIS SHOW DON"T FORGET TO VOTE FOR THEM. WHICH TEAM DO YOU LIKE IT? TEAM A OR TEAM B? Now it's already reach episode 6 and total of the episode is 10 episode.Voting for round 1 already end but you guys can still Vote for round 2 (episode 8 on Oct. 11 (11 PM KST) - Oct. 13 (12 AM KST) and for ROUND 3 is 25 Oct(This is FINAL epi 10 LIVE BATTLE).In Korea this program aired every friday on a rely on two different channels, at 10.00 pm on Mnet and 11.20 pm on tvN.
DO YOU HAVE KakaoTalk or Daum account??? So if you have you can vote by using Kakaotalk or Daum account. Please!!! Please!!! Vote for you fav team. They really work hard and gone through a lot of pain. They keep practice and they are the best. They all keep improved day bay day. Please vote for them and for who are not have a kakaotalk go install it or Daum account please go make it (T_T)....
How to vote via KakaoTalk:

1) Add WIN from the plus friends list (or just search their ID by typing in ‘@win’, make sure the ‘@’ symbol is in front)
2. In the chatroom, type in 투표
3. Type in ‘1’ if you want to choose Team A, type in ‘2’ if you want to choose Team B.
4. Type in ‘1’ to receive notifications about the battle
5. Type in your name (It doesn’t matter if it’s in Korean or not)
6. Type in your cellphone number with the country code in front
(ie. If you live in the USA you should write your number like 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX)
7. Type in ‘1’ if you’re a male, type in ‘2’ if you’re a female
8. If you get a message that starts with “투표 성공!”, then you have successfully cast your vote.

How to vote via Daum:

1. Make sure you have already registered for a Daum account
2. Go to the Offiical YG Event Page on Daum and cast your vote.

I LIKE THEM B. So if you think you like team B just like me so just wait for round 2 and start voting for team B but if you like team A you also have to vote for them okay and REMEMBER to VOTE ONLY DURING THE TIME PERIODS WHEN VOTING IS OPEN IF NOT YOUR VOTING IS NOT COUNT.


Source: Daum
Translated by: yg-winner @ Tumblr 
Share by : hanisweetgirl


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