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Khamis, 11 Oktober 2012

NoW I'm In LoVe WiTh KiLLinG cAmP

OMO!! OMO!! I'm going crazy now coz i already start watch for B.A.P new Verity show KILLING CAMP. If not mistake the premier for epi 1 is on 10 oct, 2012 .It's about Vacation of them but ends up turning to survival mission hahaha..... Can't wait faster~ faster~ faster~ I already watch epi 1 but without eng sub but i can understand what say. Learning Korean language is make my life super daebak hahaha....

sO tO aLL bAbY don't 4get to watch ok!!!
but if u dah xsabar sangat siapa yang nak tengok tanpa sub
or ada rajin nak sub cite tu bagi tau ok...



I.L berkata...

Wow, menarik ni. mesti tengok punya :-)

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